Plagiarism checking (Turnitin)

Turnitin is a tool available to students and academics to check assessments for referencing errors and potential plagiarism. When fully integrated into a subject, the Turnitin Feedback Studio allows for assessment submission, grading and feedback (along with academic integrity) to be accessed from a single point.

Students can use this tool to submit and check their assignments for plagiarism prior to submission.

Teachers can use this platform for grading, feedback and academic integrity.

Why use Turnitin (Plagiarism checking)

This easy to use tool allows for detailed instructor feedback in a variety of ways, including by text (both on the assignment and as a holistic comment), voice feedback and comments on the assignment.

From the 202290 session, Turnitin’ s Feedback studio is available within your i2 Subject site and your Subject Outline tool. This tool allows for streamlined assignment submission, plagiarism checking, marking and feedback. It enables students and academics to complete the following workflows within a single interface:

  • Assessment submission and return
  • Marking and feedback
  • Academic Integrity

From 202290, staff can select Turnitin as a submission method for assessments and exams in their Subject Outline:

  • If Turnitin is selected as the sole submission method in the Subject Outline for an assessment, no Grade Centre column will be created (as it is created when the staff member creates the Turnitin assignment) and staff will need to ‘fix’ the calculated mark calculation
  • If multiple submission methods are selected for an assessment (and Turnitin is one of those submission methods) the Grade Centre column will be created

Student grades flow automatically into the Interact2 Grade Centre. It creates a seamless student experience as it is set up by the academic, with the student submitting their work to it. With a Turnitin assignment portal in place, task marks flow automatically from the Turnitin Feedback Studio into the i2 Grade Centre, making a more seamless experience from student submission through to grading and feedback. Text matching is available to both the student and the academic. Both a similarity index and an originality report are available. The similarity index comes through as a percentage of the paper that has matched to other sources in the system. The originality report shows the matches in greater detail. The Turnitin platform is an integral aspect of the Charles Sturt Academic Integrity policy and process.

Academic Skills Commentary and Support in Turnitin (QuickMarks)

Staff using the Turnitin Feedback Studio for grading are able to incorporate a large range of pre-existing QuickMarks comments prepared by the Academic Skills team at CSU. This commentary specifically attentions assessment language and text-type structural issues, along with providing links to additional support resources for the student. The Academic Skills QuickMarks bank can be located by clicking on the blue QuickMarks button within the feedback ribbon for each student submission, then choosing ‘Academic Skills comments’ from the drop down list provided.

Independent Turnitin checks for students (‘Check my assignment’)

Students always have access to a separate school-based Turnitin score check, which will not impact on their formal assessment submissions in any way (the document is not saved / stored in Turnitin’s global repository for future reference). Details on how students can access their school ‘Check my assignment’ portal can be found under the student learning skills resources assignments page.

How to guides and resources

The following resources are available to assist users of the Turnitin platform:

Support with...