Collaborative bulletin boards (Padlet)

Padlet is a collaboration tool that allows posting to the one online page in a similar way to putting post it notes on a wall.

There are several ways for this page to 'look' and ways of using it are diverse.

Why use Padlet

Padlet is an online tool that can be used to both instructors and students to post to the one page. It allows for anyone with access to that particular Padlet to express their views on a topic in the form of a 'note'. The notes that are posted can be text, videos, links to websites, images and files. Anonymous posting can be enabled, as well as comments and voting on posts. There are numerous ways of structuring the Padlet wall including a timeline, an open wall, a stream, grid, shelf, map, and canvas. Students might be asked to build a timeline or a storyline, they might be asked to complete a predicting activity, or partake in collaborative notetaking. It might be used as a planning activity or to crowd source knowledge, or for a presentation.

Padlet allows for collaboration and active learning in read time and engages students to work online in both face to face classes and during online learning, in both synchronous and asynchronous ways. Depending on the task set it can also be authentic. The university-wide license allows for an unlimited number of Padlets to be created. Padlet is so easy to use students don't need to sign up for Padlet in order to use it.


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