Help downloading the Subject Delivery Guide calendar

You can download each sessions calendar into your work or personal outlook calendar.

The calendar download is not compatible with Mac.

First Download the calendar

Click the button on the bottom of the Subject Delivery Guide page for the session you want to download.

  • Chrome: the ics file will save automatically to downloads.
  • Firefox: you will need to save the ics file to downloads.

Add as an additional calendar

If you click on your downloaded file it should add to outlook automatically as an additional calendar.

Add to your existing calendar

If you would like to add the calendar into your existing calendar follow these instructions:

  1. In Outlook go to your personal or school calendar.
  2. Choose file > open and export.
  3. Select import/export.
  4. A pop up – Import and Export Wizard will appear. Select Import an ‘iCalendar (ics) or vcalendarfile (vcs)’ as shown below.
  5. Click next.
  6. Locate your downloads.
  7. Locate the file. Select and click OK.
  8. At the end of the wizard you will have the option to import.

PDF instructions with images

How you view the guide in outlook is completely up to you. Here are some tips.

The guide will be added as it's own calendar.

  • You can use the checkbox here to hide or show it.
  • And if your right click your can delete old guides and calendars you no longer need.

You can view the calendar side by side or as an overlay.

Use the arrow button to overlay the Subject Delivery Guide onto your personal calendar. It will show the event as a separate colour and generally only has an event each Monday.

Here is an example of what the calendar will look like once you overlay it. use the arrow to change it back.

You may also want to add the key uni dates into your calendar as an overlay.

These dates include start and end of session, census, exam period and holidays.

Go to the Student Portal and click the 'Export to my personal calendar' button.

Follow the 'import file into your outlook calendar' instructions above.

You can also overlay this calendar.

If you are having trouble please log a job.

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