Subject Outlines

The Subject Outline serves as the learning and teaching agreement between the University and enrolled students.

It provides details about the subject, the subject coordinator, assessment items, teaching strategies and the specific conditions that must be met by students in order to obtain a passing grade in the subject.

Create your Subject Outline

An Outline must be created for each offering of a subject.

Step 1

Subject Outline Tool

The Subject Outline Tool (SOT) assists the process of creating a Subject Outline by automatically bringing in subject and institutional data, such as learning outcomes and academic policies, so that you do not need to replicate this information. You will however, need to provide details such as assessments, contact details and a study schedule. An Outline must be created for each cohort you are teaching.

Comprehensive help is available from the Subject Outlines help site.

Step 2

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is undertaken on all academic activity at Charles Sturt, including Subject Outlines.

Subject Outlines must comply with Academic Senate Regulations, including the Course and Subject Information Procedure.

Effective quality assurance involves:

  • defining the expected standard
  • judging activities against that standard.

At Charles Sturt, we check the quality of our Subject Outlines using the Subject Outline Tool and the Subject Outline quality assurance checklist.

Within the Subject Outline Tool

The Subject Outline tool has:

  • a quality control (QC) function to assist with policy compliance and ensure complete and valid content
  • a quality assurance (QA) work flow and functions to support the production of high quality Subject Outlines.

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QA Checklist

You can use this checklist as you prepare or quality assure your Subject Outline to make sure it:

  • includes the correct information
  • meets quality standards.

Download the checklist