Introduction to Anatomy

This subject is designed to provide students, who are enrolling into a first year tertiary anatomy subject, with foundation anatomy material Introduction to Anatomy (SSS029) covers anatomical terminology, and provides an introduction to the structure of the human skeleton and associated muscles.  Key study skills required to gain an understanding of anatomy will be a key component of this subject also.

This subject covers topics including:

  • An introduction to anatomy study skills: repetition, mind maps, photo identification, drawing and labeling diagrams;
  • Terminology: Exploration of basic anatomical terminology including; anatomical position, planes, axes, relative terms and movements;
  • Skeletal system: Basic identification of bones and major skeletal landmarks; and,
  • Muscular system: Basic exploration around the attachments, actions and shapes of muscles and identify muscles of the upper limb and lower limb.

You will complete 40 hours of online self-paced learning with support available. Upon successful completion of this subject, you should:

  • Be able to correctly identify common anatomical terminology;
  • Be able to correctly identify bones and major landmarks of the skeleton;
  • Be able to correctly identify the muscles of the upper limb, lower limb and to explain muscle function; and,
  • Be able to demonstrate suitable study skills required for anatomy.
Subject availability
Session CRN Subject code Subject name Mode Campus/Location Term begins Application closing date Term ends
202315 304 SSS029 Introduction to Anatomy Distance Orange 31/10/2022 27/01/2023 28/04/2023
202345 189 SSS029 Introduction to Anatomy Distance Orange 13/02/2023 2/06/2023 11/08/2023
202375 276 SSS029 Introduction to Anatomy Distance Orange 19/06/2023 15/09/2023 15/12/2023

Please note: You can start any time to suit you between Term start date and the close of applications.

Study material: 40 hrs

Subject Coordinator: Dr. Gayle Petersen

Dr. Gayle Petersen

This subject will be useful if you're studying:

  • Allied Health and Pharmacy
  • Exercise and Sports Sciences
  • Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health
  • Science