Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Vet Collective Fund

The AMR Vet Collective 

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major threat to human and animal health. Changes in behaviour across human and veterinary prescribing are required to address this issue.

Antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) is a collection of strategies and interventions that aim to reduce unnecessary or inappropriate antimicrobial use and to promote the use of agents that are of lower importance to human health and less likely to select for resistant microorganisms.

The Vision

The AMR Vet Collective is a community of veterinarians, researchers, and academics coming together to support best practice stewardship in the age of AMR.

We aim to translate the science, share stories, and connect veterinarians with the many excellent resources already out there (as well as creating a few more).

This Collective will work in conjunction with universities, government, peak bodies, and industry but will remain independent.

Collectively our work will reduce unnecessary or inappropriate antimicrobial use and promote the use of agents less likely to select for resistant microorganisms.

In order for us to be independent, we need ongoing funding. With previous funding we have created a website and online learning program but we need to continue host the sites, keep the resources current, expand them and to service our social media channels to ensure that we are able to connect more vets with our free training and resources.

Help us to continue to fight AMR by donating to the AMR Vet Collective today.

To achieve this, we need to:

Create an online learning program

For those who are already concerned about resistance and are ready to do something about it, the online learning program covers everything veterinarians need to become knowledge leaders and changemakers in their practices. Veterinarians can gain certification for course completion and 2 CPD points per module.

The Online Vet AMS Course is linked through the Continuing Education page of the website and will be promoted using our social media channels. This is a free course.

Build a website

For those who need a little more understanding and just want one place to find the answers quickly, we have built a website that provides scientific evidence, practical tips and resources, and links to veterinary prescribing guidelines or other prescribing support across all species. The web design and content has been based on the outcomes of the initial stakeholder analysis and aims to appeal to veterinarians, students, nurses/technicians, and practice managers. We know that building an effective AMS program requires the commitment of all team members so we are inviting everybody to the conversation.

You can visit the website here:

Create and manage social media channels and a coordinated social media campaign

For those who don’t know about stewardship, or don’t believe resistance is a concern for their practice, we bring the evidence to them –  using social media to keep the topic on their radar and integrating information on AMR with common areas of interest.

Peer-to-peer sharing of social media stories and utilisation of respected individuals within the profession to promote the AMR Vet Collective message allows for social norms to evolve over time towards a stronger focus on the importance of AMR and stewardship. To date we have a Facebook page, a LinkedIn account, a youtube channel, and website blog page, and Soundcloud account for sharing podcasts.

All of these resources link users back to the website where further information and support is available, including a link to
the Online Vet AMS Course

Both the AMR Vet Collective and Online Vet AMS Course are free to users. These initiatives are independent and any resources that are developed will reside on the existing sites and remain accessible for all users at no cost.

By donating to the AMRVC you will be directly supporting our capacity to continue to maintain the website, manage our social media platforms and expand resources and training materials in additional specific areas (eg development of industry or species-specific resources).

Our aim is to make engagement with AMR and AMS accessible and desirable for all veterinarians. This is a team sport and you are a key player.

If you would like more information or to discuss a potential donation, please contact one of the following:

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