The Paramedic Overseas Medical Support Fund

Paramedics in Vanuatu 2019

The Paramedic Overseas Medical Support Fund has been established to support the community organisations we partner with on our Charles Sturt Global trips to developing countries. During these trips to countries such as Vanuatu, student paramedics are given the opportunity to observe clinical practice with the local ambulance service, to participate in community health education programs and to spend time in a variety of other healthcare settings, such as remote health clinics and hospitals.

Paramedic Students in Vanuatu

"The overall experience in Vanuatu gave me the chance to work under conditions not found in Australia, and there were many times when I had to think on my feet and adapt my approach in response to the limited resources available. Ultimately, it broadened my knowledge and skills and increased my confidence."

Charles Sturt paramedicine student, Sophie Dawson

Many of these clinical environments have scarce resources and are dependent on donations of medical supplies and equipment from overseas partners or aid agencies. Participating in these programs provides an invaluable insight for the student paramedics on healthcare systems in developing countries who are able to appreciate first-hand how much support is needed and what impact this support has for the health and wellbeing of the host community.

Fundraising is a good way for the students to give back to these communities and all equipment purchases are planned in conjunction with each of the clinical areas based on their identified needs.

See donated equipment from 2017 and 2018.

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