STUDY LINK is a suite of short subjects designed to prepare students for university study. If you haven't studied for a while or just want to brush up on your skills or fill in some knowledge gaps in a particular subject area, a STUDY LINK subject may be the solution for you.

All are self-paced on-line subjects, some are longer than others. Some are skills based, others deliver specific content. They range from about 14 hours of content to almost 40 hours of learning.  You can start them at a time to suit you.

How much does it cost?

Study Link subjects may have a fee applied depending on your citizenship status:


Most Australian residents can enrol in Study Link for FREE! Study Link is designed to build knowledge and skills so that you can start off any future tertiary studies with confidence. You just need to:

  • be an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen or the holder of a permanent visa, AND
  • meet the relevant citizenship and residency requirements (living in Australia for the duration of your study) - for more information, go to the Study Assist website.

Fees apply

Fees apply if you are wishing to study online from outside Australia or you don't meet the requirements for free enrolment in Study Link visit the Study Assist website.

Note: Tuition fees may be updated annually. This will be advised in advance and will not impact students already enrolled.

Tuition fees

Many people can access Study Link subjects free of charge. Whether you are required to pay a fee, or not, is outlined on the Study Link Fees page.

Fees are currently set at AUD $50 per billing point as per the table below. Subject enrolment and completion will be recorded on the student transcript.

Subject Code Subject Points Fee
SSS010 Introduction to Chemistry 6 $300
SSS011 Introductory Physics 6 $300
SSS025 Introduction to Bioscience 6 $300
SSS029 Introduction to Anatomy 6 $300
SSS030 Academic English for Australian Tertiary Study 6 $300
SSS068 Prep for Teaching Maths 1 - Number and Algebra 4 $200
SSS069 Prep for Teaching Maths 2 - Measurement and Geometry 4 $200
SSS070 Prep for Teaching Maths 3 - Statistics and Probability 4 $200
SSS071 Maths Skills 1 - Introductory 2 $100
SSS072 Maths Skills 2 - Intermediate A 2 $100
SSS073 Maths Skills 2 - Intermediate B 2 $100
SSS074 Maths Skills 3 - Advanced A 2 $100
SSS075 Maths Skills 3 - Advanced B 2 $100
SSS076 Introduction to Statistics 2 $100
SSS077 Essay Writing 1 - Style 2 $100
SSS078 Essay Writing 2 - Structure 2 $100
SSS079 Essay Writing 3 - Putting it into Practice 2 $100
SSS080 Grammar Essentials 1 - The Basics of Grammar 2 $100
SSS081 Grammar Essentials 2 - Applying Grammar in University Study 2 $100
SSS082 Critical Thinking Skills in Context 2 $100
SSS083 Critical Thinking - A Philosophical Approach 2 $100
SSS085 Essential Communication Skills 2 $100
SSS086 Transition to Uni Study 2 $100

How and when do I pay?

After accepting your offer, subject materials will be accessible online on the relevant term date and an invoice will subsequently be sent to you.

Your invoice, including methods of payment, will be sent to you electronically and you will receive an email notification.