Introduction to Chemistry

Give yourself the best chance of success in your chemistry subjects with our Introduction to Chemistry – SSS010. This subject is designed to cover those concepts and skills in chemistry required by a student who is enrolling into a typical first year tertiary chemistry subject. Included in the subject is a section on basic mathematics that the student may need to review in order to cope with the rest of the subject.

This subject covers the following topic areas:

  • Classification of matter.
  • The nature of matter.
  • Atomic structure.
  • The formation of compounds - bonding.
  • The physical properties of ionic and molecular compounds - a comparison.
  • Nomenclature - naming chemical compounds.
  • Chemical equations.
  • Stoichiometry - chemical arithmetic.
  • Solution stoichiometry.
  • Organic chemistry.

You will complete 40 hours of online self-paced learning and have the support of your subject coordinator who will give you feedback as you build your skills and confidence in chemistry

Subject availability
Session CRN Subject code Subject name Mode Campus/Location Term begins Application closing date Term ends
202315 291 SSS010 Introductory Chemistry Distance Orange 31/10/2022 27/01/2023 28/04/2023
202345 203 SSS010 Introductory Chemistry Distance Orange 13/02/2023 2/06/2023 11/08/2023
202375 290 SSS010 Introductory Chemistry Distance Orange 19/06/2023 15/09/2023 15/12/2023

Please note: You can start any time to suit you between Term start date and the close of applications.

Study material: 40 hrs

Subject Coordinator: Greg Carroll

Greg Carroll

This subject will be useful if you're studying:

  • Agricultural and Wine Sciences
  • Allied Health and Pharmacy
  • Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  • Exercise and Sports Sciences

  • Medical Science and Dentistry
  • Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health
  • Science
  • Teaching and Education