Sustainability Statement

The University’s Sustainability Statement confirms our commitment to maintaining a leadership position in sustainability practices in the higher education sector.

Sustainability is a key performance measure for the University. Through our long standing commitment to sustainability, we have a strong track record in achieving sustainability outcomes.Image of Sustainability Statement

Inspired by the sustainability practices inherent within indigenous culture, the Sustainability embed sustainability within the fabric of the University, and lead by example to encourage students, partners and the wider-community to strive to achieve sustainable outcomes.

More than a statement – a call to action

The Sustainability Statement signals an intent to continue to operate sustainability and is a platform for engaging with students, partners, suppliers and stakeholders to create a sustainable future for the benefit of everyone.

It is more than a statement of commitment. It is a call to action.

We all have our part to play - as a University, as staff, as students and in our personal lives.