Best Practice

Sustainable transport is about making informed choices about the way we travel and knowing how these choices affect:

  • our health
  • our environment
  • our broader community

Accountability against travel-related emissions is not yet recognised through state or federal legislation, though debate on how to tackle carbon emissions from travel and transport has risen to unprecedented prominence in recent years.

Importance of sustainability in transport

Given the high number of people at Charles Sturt University, our travel patterns have a significant impact on our surrounding communities, for example, though traffic congestion and pollution. Plus, travel and transport costs Charles Sturt University money, much of which is not immediately evident. Vehicle fleet management are only the visible tip of the iceberg – under the surface are many hidden costs.

If the impact on the balance sheet is worse than it first appears, the same is true of the impact on the environment. Transport is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, with commuter and business travel constituting nearly 40 per cent of kilometres driven by cars each year.

Charles Sturt University is committed to reducing and adapting vehicle use and will continually seek to reduce our carbon emissions.


Champion Position Campus
Lyndal JonesTravel OfficeWagga Wagga
Paul McLeod Travel Office Wagga Wagga
Steve Wakem Fleet Manager Wagga Wagga
Adrian WhitingDirector, Strategic Procurement Wagga Wagga
Craig RichardsonDirector, Corporate FinanceWagga Wagga
Gareth JohnstonClean Energy Strategy, Sustainability at Charles SturtWagga Wagga

Progress towards best practice

This framework was benchmarked on 17th August 2016. The below graph illustrates our progress towards best practice across the eight (8) activity areas.  The green bars reaching four (4) highlight best practice and the lower bars in blue indicate the University’s current baseline ratings.

Pictured below from the Transport LiFE workshop in 2018 (from left) Gareth Johnston, Steve Wakem, Lyndal Jones, Adrian Whiting, Craig Richardson and Kym Witney-Soanes.

Transport champions 2018