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Action plan

LiFE Steering Committee

The LiFE Steering Committee was established in March 2018 and it provides advice to the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team (VCLT), via the Chief Operating Officer on the following items:

  1. Recommendations to ensure the delivery of the Charles Sturt University Strategic Plan  leverages opportunities to foster Charles Sturt University's organisational commitment to sustainability as outlined in its Sustainability Statement
  2. Strategic leadership and guidance associated with the implementation of the LiFE framework
  3. The adequacy of participation by key stakeholders in the LiFE framework and provide advice on increasing engagement activities
  4. Strategic advice to ensure key business processes, policies and procedures promote positive sustainability outcomes
  5. Feedback on the extent to which key organisational planning instruments such as Initiative and Improvement Plans and the Employee Development and Review Scheme are being utilised to support sustainability objectives
  6. The success of the LiFE framework in accordance with the University Sustainability Indicator of a 5% annual improvement in the University's overall rating
  7. Emerging best practices in sustainability and recommendations for adoption, where appropriate, within Charles Sturt University.

The membership of this Committee includes:

  • Chief Operating Officer as VCLT member with delegated organisational responsibility for Sustainability
  • Executive Director Facilities Management
  • Pro-Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation
  • Pro-Vice Chancellor, Learning & Teaching
  • Director Operational Services, Division of Facilities Management
  • Manager Sustainability at Charles Sturt
  • Executive Director People and Culture, or an appointed representative from that Division
  • Executive Director, Division of Marketing and Communication
  • Senior Project Officer, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation
  • Director, Student Communication
  • Right of Audience and Debate:

  • Sustainability Project Officer, Sustainability at Charles Sturt
  • Campus Environment Committee Chairs
  • An Executive Officer appointed by the Chief Financial Officer to provide secretariat support.
  • Zoom LiFE Steering Committee meeting in held during COVID lock down on 27th April, 2020.