Farmers can learn how management practices contribute to on-farm GHG emissions, and mitigation options, without compromising productivity or profitability.


As part of joining this initiative, we'll help you:

  • identify how to more efficiently maintain or increase your crop yields
  • support the long-term health of your most valuable asset – soil, including free soil testing
  • reduce the greenhouse gas emissions on your farm
  • access data to support the decisions you make on your farm and improve your productivity and profitability
  • get support to try new approaches and refine practices on your farm
  • access research project findings to support your farming.


It's free to join the initiative and you'll be provided with support to implement new initiatives along the way.


At present the focus for dryland systems is wheat, as wheat is a key input across all industry partners. we're looking at the system around wheat production, which includes supporting optimum growth of rotation crops such as canola, barley and pulses. We're also focused on soft wheat and corn grown in irrigated systems.

Down the track, we're looking at additional crops as wheat is grown as part of a rotational system. Expanding to other crops means a better systems-based approach.

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