Research and reports

Farmers will receive access to research project findings to support their practice. A suite of research projects has also been funded to address some of the underlying constraints to practice change.

These findings will be shared with participants to further strengthen and futureproof farming systems in Australia.

These include:

  • Review and refine the Cool Farm Tool for relevance to Australian conditions.
  • Increase capacity for GIS spatial information to inform soil sampling and understanding of in-paddock variability.
  • Economic value of practice change across the systems to help inform business strategy.
  • Use of Cool Farm Tool to measure and validate on-farm GHG emissions reductions The Cool Farm Tool enables farmers to easily assess the impacts of different farming management options specific to their farm so they can make more informed on-farm decisions that reduce their environmental impact. The Australian-centric revised farmer portal will include all CFT calculations without additional inputs or effort, reducing the time requirement of data input for the project.