Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

SSAF enhances your study experience

Your Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funds services and facilities so you can have a great experience at CSU.

We spend SSAF funds on careers advice, study skills services, counselling, return postage of library books to online students, financial support, sports, food services, and much more.

Share your ideas for SSAF funding

You have the chance to share your ideas for how you think SSAF funds can be spent during one of the 2019 SSAF Student Initiative Rounds.

2019 SSAF Student Initiative Rounds

  • 1st round: Monday 1 April to 9am Monday 27 May 2019
  • 2nd round: Monday 16 September to 9am Monday 11 November 2019

This is a SSAF funded initiative

Submit an Initiative Proposal

Share an Initiative Proposal for a fully costed project with clear milestones and outcomes. You'll need to get a SRC endorsement to submit your proposal.

Discuss ideas with your SRC

Talk to your Student Representative Committee (SRC) about a SSAF idea. They'll give you advice or can take your idea further.

Paying for SSAF

In 2020, the SSAF is $38 per 8 point subject, with a maximum annual fee amount capped at $304 per student.

How SSAF is spent

Find out about the SSAF funded services, support and facilities that make your uni experience even better.

Tell us your feedback

Tell us your thoughts about the SSAF billing process, priorities for how SSAF is spent or the types of services and projects SSAF can be spent on.

How SSAF can be spent

There's Commonwealth legislation for how SSAF can be spent. A committee at CSU decides which projects SSAF funds to meet the legislation.

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