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These resources include websites, documents and audio files to help you improve your mental health.


You can access websites, apps, services, podcasts and documents to improve your mental health.

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Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

Phone: 131 114.

Visit Lifeline

Mental Health Line (NSW)

The Mental Health Line is a 24-hour telephone service operating seven days a week across NSW.

Phone: 1800 011 511.

Visit the Mental Health Line (NSW) website

Suicide Callback Service

Suicide Call Back Service is a nationwide service that provides professional 24/7 telephone and online counselling to people who are affected by suicide.

Phone: 1300 659 467.

Visit the Suicide Callback Service


eheadspace provides free online and telephone support and counselling to young people 12 - 25 and their families and friends.

Phone: 1800 650 890.

Visit eheadspace

Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is Australia's only free, private and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25.

Phone: 1800 55 1800.

Visit Kids Helpline

BlackDog Institute

Loads of resources on Bipolar Disorder and Depression, including online videos and self-tests.

Visit the BlackDog Institute

1800 Respect Online Counselling

Open 24 hours to support people impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence and abuse

Phone: 1800 737 732.

Visit 1800Respect

ReachOut Australia

Loads of resources on Bipolar Disorder and Depression, including online videos and self-tests.

Visit the BlackDog Institute


BeyondBlue has information on Depression, Postnatal Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder. There is a range of free self tests and checklists.

Phone: 1300 22 4633

Visit BeyondBlue

SANE Australia

Sane Australia provides information on a wide range of mental health issues and advice for family and friends.

Phone: 1800 187 263

Online forums for people living with mental illness and Careers Forum.

Sane Organisation

Head to Health

Head to Health provides links to trusted Australian online and phone supports, resources and treatment options.

Visit Head to Health

Concerned about a mate

Everyone goes through a tough time occasionally and your friends are no exception. Find out more about how you can talk to someone you're worried about.

Visit BeyondBlue

eSafety Commissioner

The Office for the eSafety Commissioner promotes online safety for all Australian’s. It includes tips, information for specific population groups (young people, parents, women, kids, educators, seniors), complaints reporting when people experience cyberbullying/report illegal or offensive online content.


Multicultural Mental Health

Supports for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Download the a-guide-to-what-works-for-Anxiety.pdf PDF 14.5 MB

A guide to what works for Anxiety

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of varying interventions, strategies and generalised information related to anxiety.

Download document

Download the A-guide-to-what-works-for-Depression.pdf PDF 6.7 MB

A guide to what works for Depression

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of varying interventions, strategies and generalised information related to depression.

Download document

Download the A-self-help-resource-for-Aboriginal-and-Torres-Strait-Islander-people.pdf PDF 988.4 KB

A self-help resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

This self-help resource provides 8 steps for Aboriginal and Torres Strait people to use when they are feeling down.

Download document

Download the Anxiety_Factsheet.pdf PDF 79.5 KB

What is Anxiety- Factsheet

“What is anxiety” is a factsheet with information about the causes, supports and strategies when people experience anxiety.

Download document

Download the Coping-with-loss-and-change-in-a-community-after-a-bushfire.pdf PDF 860.2 KB

Coping with loss and change in a community after a bushfire

The toolkit provides information about change, loss and reactions when a bushfire has occurred. The toolkit includes a list of support services to access.

Download document

Download the Quick-and-easy-healthy-recipes.pdf PDF 6.8 MB

Quick and easy healthy recipes

The collection of quick and easy healthy recipes that includes 5 ingredients, will assist with concentration, physical health and wellbeing.

Download document

Download the Grief-and-Loss_-Factsheet.pdf PDF 1.8 MB

Grief and Loss - Factsheet

The grief and loss factsheet includes information about the experiences of grief and loss, and services to access when experiencing grief and loss.

Download document

Download the Loosing-someone-to-suicide_Support-suggestiosn-for-Adults-and-Children.pdf PDF 544.8 KB

Losing someone to suicide - Support Suggestions for Adults and Children

If you, a family member or community member has lost someone to suicide and are looking for information to support yourself, children or others, this information sheet provides information about grief and loss and support services.

Download document

Download the Healthy-Relationships-Tip-Sheet-19056.pdf PDF 273.0 KB

Healthy Relationships Tip Sheet

Download document

Download the Heart-Foundation-5-Ingredient-Quick-Recipes.pdf PDF 6.8 MB

Heart Foundation 5 Ingredient Quick Recipes

Download document

Download the Rethinking-Overthinking-with-Depression.pdf PDF 170.2 KB

Rethinking Overthinking with Depression

Rethinking overthinking provides strategies and information about thinking skills for people who experience depression.

Download document

Download the Anxiety-factsheet.pdf PDF 80.3 KB

Anxiety Factsheet

The Anxiety Factsheet provides information about anxiety disorders, symptoms and suggestions for getting support.

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Download the Depression_Factsheet.pdf PDF 80.8 KB


The Depression Factsheet provides information about common depressive disorders, symptoms and suggestions for getting supports.

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Download the Eating-and-Body-Image-Disorders_Factsheet.pdf PDF 78.1 KB

Eating and body image disorders - Factsheet

The factsheet including information about the different types of eating and body image disorders, symptoms and suggestions for getting supports, and support service information.

Download document

Download the Being-Active-and-Postive-Mental-Health-_-Factsheet.pdf PDF 83.3 KB

Being Active and Positive Mental Health - Factsheet

The Being Active and Mental Health Factsheet provides information about how the mind and body are connected to wellbeing, physical health and mental health.

Download document

Download the Self-Harm_Factsheet.pdf PDF 385.2 KB

Self-Harm _ Factsheet

The self-harm factsheet includes information about self-harming behaviours, tips to help yourself, information to help someone who is self-harming and support service details.

Download document

Download the Sleep-and-why-its-important.pdf PDF 72.6 KB

Sleep and why its important

The factsheet discusses how sleep is connected to mental health, wellbeing, why its important especially when experiencing stress.

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Download the Panic-Attacks-_-A-self-help-resource-for-people-who-are-expereincing-panaic-attacks.pdf PDF 520.2 KB

Panic Attacks - A self help resource for people who are experiencing panic attacks.

This self-help resource provides generalised information about panic disorders and attacks, and details about support services, short term and long term self-help strategies.

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Download the RUOK-Trust-the-signs-trust-your-gut-and-ask.pdf PDF 2.4 MB

R U OK Trust the signs, Trust your gut & Ask R U OK?

R U Ok handout outlines questions to ask if you notice someone is not themselves and how to start a conversation with them.

Download document

Download the Self-Harm-and-Young-People-_-Information.pdf PDF 74.6 KB

Self-Harm and Young People - Information

The self-harm and young people information includes material about what to look for when someone is self-harming, causes, support suggestions, what to do if you’re really concerned about someone’s self-harming behaviours.

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Download the Suicide-prevention-information-for-Aboriginal-and-Torres-Strait-Islander-people.pdf PDF 1.3 MB

Suicide Prevention Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

The suicide prevention toolkit provides information about warning signs, risk factors, a 6 step plan when people experiences suicidal thoughts, culture and suicide information.

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Download the Stress-and-what-to-do-when-feeling-overwhelmed.pdf PDF 384.4 KB

Stress and what to do when feeling overwhelmed

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed is experiences for many reasons. This information sheet includes ideas to help when feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed.

Download document

Download the Domestic-and-Family-Violence-_-Self-Help-Toolkit.pdf PDF 192.8 KB

Domestic and Family Violence – Self Help Toolkit

This toolkit includes information about what is domestic and family violence, the complexity of violence or abusive relationships, options to consider if you are in a violent or abuse relationship.

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