Accessibility and Inclusion

Need some assistance? We can help reduce the impact of a disability or condition on your studies.

Who we support

Students whose studies may be impacted by the following conditions:

  • mental health
  • ongoing and temporary medical (such as broken limbs, pregnancy)
  • physical
  • neurological
  • sensory
  • intellectual or specific learning disorder
  • neurodiverse

We also support students who are carers of a person who has a disability or health condition or is aged and frail.

We’re committed to making sure all our students have equal access to learning.

How we can support you

We can help organise study adjustments tailored to your needs to help you succeed in your studies, such as in-class support including:

  • alternative exam conditions
  • extension of time to complete assessments
  • workplace learning supports
  • assistive software and equipment
  • alternative formats of learning materials
  • accessibility measures such as access to a classroom.

I didn’t think I’d be eligible for any support because everyone gets stressed.

I contacted Accessibility and Inclusion about my mental health and spoke about the barriers I faced. They explained how they could support me to overcome these.

Together with my Accessibility and Inclusion Advisor, we created my ‘Study Access Plan’ that was tailored to my individual needs.

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Charlie - your student voice