Plagiarism checking

When you do assignments at uni, the work you submit must be your own. You also need to acknowledge the sources you use. Using someone else's work without the correct acknowledgements is known as plagiarism.

We check your assignments for plagiarism using Turnitin. Turnitin is a text-matching software that compares your assignment to billions of pages of content, including:

  • web pages
  • books
  • newspapers
  • scholarly journals
  • magazines
  • student papers.

Check your own work

A Turnitin account allows you to check your own writing for improperly used content, inadvertent plagiarism or quotation errors. It enables you to detect problems and revise your assignment before final submission for marking.

If you'd like to check your assignment or exam before you submit it:

  1. Enrol in an Interact 2 organisation site for your school [PDF]
  2. Once enrolled, click on 'Check My assignment' in the enrolled site.
  3. Click upload submission
  4. Browse for your file.
  5. Click upload and review.
  6. Click Submit to Turnitin.

If you're being requested to submit to Turnitin as your submission, you'll need to discuss this with your subject coordinator.

Confirmation of submission

After your assignment is successfully submitted, a link to your digital receipt will be displayed on the screen. The digital receipt has a Submission ID number, which is confirmation that Turnitin has received your paper. The digital receipt is also emailed to you.

If you do not see a digital receipt, then your paper was not successfully received by Turnitin.