Reviews and appeals

From time to time during your University experience, you may find that you are faced with challenges, such as a decision being made that may impact your future study or career. If you want to dispute a decision made by the University the information below will help you with your submission.

Step 1

Understand the reviews and appeals process and how it works

Before submitting an application to the university, you need to understand what does and does not form grounds of review or appeal. Just because you disagree with a decision made by the University does not automatically make you eligible to make a request for a review or appeal.

Read the grounds for your particular type of review or appeal carefully. Once you know how the appeal process works and your situation meets all of the criteria set out for requesting a review or appeal you can move to the next step.

Step 2

What review or type of appeal are you requesting?

If something has happened leading up to an assessment or exam deadline, your best plan is to apply for Special Consideration before any due dates pass.

If you are beyond this point and now have an assessment mark or grade that you disagree with you can request a review.

If you are:

Appeals and processes

Graduate Research and Honours candidates

If an academic decision has been made against your candidature, you may appeal the decision for:

Unsuccessful applications

If you have been unsuccessful in your application for:

Your enrolment

If a decision has been made that affects your enrolment, you can appeal it here.

If you've been excluded or engaged in misconduct

If you've received:

Learning Abroad Programs

If a decision has been made that affects you from going abroad or whilst you are abroad, you can appeal it here.

Step 3

Build a strong case to support your appeal

What makes a great appeal submission and what doesn't? We want the best result for you too.

Step 4

Submit your application

  • Follow the instructions outlined on your appeal form, and attach any additional documentation that supports your submission.
  • You can follow the progress of your application in the student portal.
  • When a decision has been made, you will be notified of the result in an email.

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