Academic Progress Exclusion or Cancellation Decision

An Exclusion or Cancellation means your enrolment has not progressed in accordance with the University's requirements for your course.

See Academic Progress information.

About Exclusions and Cancellations

At the end of each session your academic progress plan is reviewed. If you have been identified as not progressing or considered for exclusion you will be notified.

  • Criteria (why this happens)

    You're 'at risk' of exclusion if you meet the stage three criteria when academic progress is reviewed

    • exceeded the maximum time for completion of your course
    • failed 50% or more of your enrolment in a session of study, for the third time
    • failed any subject in a one-year bachelor (honours) degree or in the honours component of an integrated bachelor honours degree, twice (either two different subjects or the same subject twice)
    • failed a key subject in your course, twice (either two different subjects or the same subject twice

    You will be excluded from your course if you have:

    1. failed to submit a ‘show cause’ request after being notified that you are being considered for exclusion
    2. submitted a ‘show cause request’ but there is no evidence of a reasonable chance of future success
    3. failed to submit an academic progress plan or engage with support services as part of stage two of academic progress
    4. been identified as being 'At Risk' and have not passed 50% of your subject points in your next session of enrolment
    5. failed a key subject twice
    6. subsequently failed the compulsory fieldwork or professional experience component of your course
    7. failed to complete your course within the maximum time specified
    8. failed a Bachelor Honours subject

    See the Academic Progress Information for more details on each of these.

  • Notification (when and how this is communicated)

    At the end of each session, your Academic Progress is reviewed by Student Administration.

    If you are identified as being at stage three of academic progress and considered for exclusion, you will be notified by email after that session's grades have been approved.

    You must submit a 'show cause' request if you wish to continue your studies. You will be notified of the decision via email before the census date of your next session unless your final grade has been delayed.

    Once you are notified of your exclusion you can choose to appeal the exclusion, or you can accept the exclusion. There is a limited time for you to lodge your appeal. Refer to your Exclusion letter for the timeframe applicable to you

    What happens now?

    • If you accept your exclusion your enrolment will be cancelled.
    • If you choose to appeal your exclusion, your enrolment may continue until your appeal is decided.
  • Duration (length of exclusion)

    Students will be excluded for a default period of one year unless the faculty advise a longer period is appropriate for individual cases.

Appealing an Exclusion or Cancellation notice

You have 10 business days from when the exclusion notice was sent to lodge your appeal. Find out how to appeal a decision related to exclusion or cancellation of your enrolment.

If you choose not to appeal against exclusion your enrolment will automatically be cancelled and your exclusion confirmed after the appeal deadline.

Other Considerations

  • Review of Grade: If you think you have grounds to challenge your grades, an application for a review of grade must be completed separately to your exclusion appeal. You must still submit your exclusion appeal by the deadline in case your review of grade is unsuccessful. See appeals advice on Review of Grade for more information.
  • Leave of Absence: An exclusion does take precedence over leave of absence and withdrawal from a course. This means that taking leave of absence or withdrawing from your course will not prevent the University from excluding you.
  • Enrolment: If you have appealed by the deadline, you may remain enrolled in your course until the appeal is decided. If you have failed a key subject for the second time, you may not re-enrol in that subject without the permission of the Course Director or Course Coordinator after a successful appeal
  • Financial Liability: If your appeal is unsuccessful and you are excluded, the University will cancel your enrolment and fees for the current session. You will remain liable for any other expenses incurred in proceeding with your enrolment (e.g. purchasing textbooks or costs for accommodation and meals in the residences).

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