Appeal a misconduct finding

If you have been found to engage in poor academic practice, poor behaviour, academic misconduct, general misconduct or research misconduct, you may apply for appeal.

You should submit your application within ten business days from when you received notification of the misconduct. Or, within twenty business days if you are an international student and the penalty is to exclude or expel you from the University or your course.

Read the University Students Appeals Policy and Procedure for the criteria and process on how to appeal.

Grounds for Appeal

An appeal application will be considered if you can demonstrate there is:

  • there is evidence that there has been a failure to provide procedural fairness in hearing and/or deciding the allegation or deciding a penalty, or
  • there is new evidence of factors outside your control, which:
    • you could not reasonably have been expected to provide at the time the original decision was made, and
    • would have been a significant factor in the original decision.

You cannot apply for appeal if:

  • you have been found to breach the University’s code of responsible research conduct and have not committed research misconduct,
  • you have been found to engage in poor behaviour, poor academic practice or misconduct and no penalties other than a warning, reprimand, or direction to complete the Academic Integrity Module are applied, or
  • a decision by, or a recommendation to, the University Council to apply the level 3 penalty.

Before you submit your request

  • We will generally make a decision based on what you write and submit in your appeal application, so you may want to look at How to Build a Strong Appeal Application.
  • You may also want a Student Advocate to assist you or look over your appeal application before applying for an appeal. You can contact a Student Advocate.

How to appeal

  • Use this word template to assist you in applying for appeal.
  • Go to the Student Portal
  • Search the form name "Appeals" and submit the request
  • You can check the status of your request on your Student Portal

Important things you should know

  • We will assess your appeal application within ten (10) business days after submitting it.
  • Late applications will be accepted in exceptional circumstances. To request an extension, email the University Students Appeals Officer at before your appeal is due.
  • You will receive an email when your appeal application is being reviewed.
  • This email will give you five (5) more business days to add anything further to your appeal application if you forgot to submit a document or wanted to make a further supporting statement. After this, a decision will be made.
  • You will be notified about the outcome of your appeal application via email.

What happens next

The decision made on your appeal application will be final and is not appealable. Once your appeal is assessed, you will be emailed an outcome of upheld, vary or denied.


If your appeal is upheld:

the original decision that was made will be overturned and you will not be found to have engaged in misconduct. As the decision is being overturned, you also will not receive any penalties.


If your appeal is varied:

then there will be specific instructions or conditions in the email sent to you.


If your appeal is denied:

the original decision made will remain and will not be changed.

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