Disability services

Charles Sturt will be closed over the Christmas/New Year break. Disability services will be closed from Thursday 24 December and will resume on Monday 4 January.

We can help reduce the impact of a disability or condition on your studies.

I didn’t think I’d be eligible for any support because everyone gets stressed. I contacted the Disability Services team about my mental health and spoke about the barriers I faced. They explained how they could support me to overcome these. Together with my Disability Liaison Officer, we created my ‘Study Access Plan’ that was tailored to my individual needs.

- Rhonda

How we can help you

We support students whose studies may be impacted by:

  • a mental health condition
  • medical condition
  • physical condition
  • sensory impairment
  • learning disability
  • temporary conditions (such as broken limbs)
  • pregnancy

We’re committed to making sure all our students have equal access to learning. Register with us as soon as possible so we can support you with your studies.

When you register with the Disability Service, we’ll connect you with a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO). Your DLO will work with you, your subject coordinators, and your tutors to develop your Study Access Plan. Your Study Access Plan outlines what equipment or adjustments you may need to successfully complete your studies.


You can register with us if you:

  • have a mental health, medical, or physical condition, sensory impairment, or learning disability that may impact your studies
  • need to access specific disability services and supports
  • require special exam conditions for an ongoing or temporary condition (such as a broken arm or pregnancy)
  • need to apply for special consideration for an ongoing or temporary condition
  • are seeking special considerations for on-campus accommodation.

If you're still not sure if we can help, make an appointment or email disability@csu.edu.au.

How to register

Step 1

Add your disability details on your enrolment

Add details about your disability to your enrolment through your Online Administration. Your enrolment gives us some basic information about your disability.

Add your disability details

Step 2

Register with us online

Complete our online registration form. This information is confidential and will be kept within the Disability Service.

If you have any issues using the online form, you can download and print the PDF version of the Disability Service Registration form.

You can also find out more about disclosing your disability.

Step 3

Complete the health practitioner report

You'll need to read our documentation requirements before you can complete the template correctly.

Download our health practitioner report template for your health practitioner to complete about your disability and/or condition. The service will also accept other documentation on a letterhead from your treating practitioner if the information provided covers the information requested in the template.

Download the template

Learning disabilities

For learning disabilities, you cannot use the report template to register.

You’ll need to provide an adult psychometric assessment report from a psychologist. If you have not had an assessment, email disability@csu.edu.au to find out where to access an assessment.

Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity

For Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity you can use the report template to register.

This report will allow the provision of coloured paper and appropriate lighting for exams. If further adjustments are requested beyond coloured paper and lighting, the university will require an adult psychometric learning assessment conducted by a relevant professional such as a psychologist using reliable, valid and standardised tests.

Submit your documentation

Once you have gathered this information, submit your report or other documentation via email.

Submit documentation

Step 4

Book an appointment with us to develop a Study Access Plan

After completing steps 1-3 you can schedule a time with a Disability Liaison Officer to develop your Study Access Plan.

What you will discuss and agree upon during your appointment:

  • an overview of your disability or condition
  • the impacts of your disability or condition on your study
  • any recommendations from health practitioners or educational providers
  • discuss and recommend reasonable study adjustments
  • agree on a length of time your plan is valid for

Your Disability Liaison Officer will then send you a copy of your Study Access Plan. You will be responsible for emailing your plan to your subject coordinators each session.

Book an appointment

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