Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Also referred to as credit, allows you to check if you can save yourself time and skip subjects if you've already completed something similar.

Types of credit and subject substitution

  • Credit

    A subject in which you are not required to enrol in recognition of prior learning thereby reducing the number of subjects needed to complete the course.

  • Subject substitution

    You can get a subject substitution of a subject for a compulsory subject. You must demonstrate competence for the subject you would like to substitute with another subject.

    Unlike credit, subject substitution does not reduce the number of subjects required to complete the course.

  • Transfer credit

    A subject deemed completed in recognition of prior learning via subjects completed in another course at Charles Sturt University or other institution approved by Charles Sturt University for the purposes of the credit policy.

  • Proficiency credit

    A subject deemed completed in recognition of prior learning where you have demonstrated proficiency in a subject to the satisfaction of the Course Director or Course Coordinator.

  • Specified, unspecified and block credit

    Consistent with the current (2014) Australian Qualifications Framework definitions, credit is specified credit when granted for specific components of a degree or other program of learning.

    Credit is unspecified credit when granted for components of a degree or learning program that are not specifically identified, such as a block of points, or elective options.

    Block credit is credit granted towards whole stages or components of a qualification or other program of learning and is often granted as a certain number of subject points. Block credit may be specified and/or unspecified.

Apply for credit

The Credit and Pathway Planner (CPP) is a portal for you to request credit, otherwise known as recognition of prior learning (RPL).

CPP login

The Credit Portal works best in Google Chrome.

How to use the Portal

You'll need to enter your previous learning (provider and course or subjects) to submit your application for credit. You can then return to the portal to monitor progress of that application.

When you'll hear back

Once we receive your complete application (all supporting documents such as transcripts, subject outlines are attached), please allow 20 working days for processing.

Requests close to census date

If it's close to census date and you're waiting for the outcome, it's a good idea to discuss subject options with your Course Director. Contact details for your course should be available on your Interact2 course site.

More help

If you're having trouble with the planner, check out the help guides below.

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