Teaching periods

Charles Sturt runs several different types of teaching periods throughout the year, including:

  • Sessions
  • Terms
  • Year-long Periods
  • Micro-sessions
  • ADPP Periods.

Most courses are delivered within the same type of teaching periods (such as in sessions or terms only), however some courses include subjects that may be available in other types of teaching periods as well.

Consult the following tools to find out which teaching periods to use when adding subjects to your enrolment:

Understanding codes for teaching periods

Each teaching period is identified by a code which combines the year and a unique two-digit number that represents each individual period.


For example:

  • ‘Session 1’ is represented by the two-digit number ‘30’, so the code for Session 1 in the year 2020 is: ‘202030’.

Most mainstream courses and subjects are delivered in sessions. There are three sessions each year, which can be identified by the ‘0’ at the end of their teaching period code.

Session 1 runs for 4 months every year, starting in late Feb/early March and ending in June. Session 2 also runs for 4 months, starting in July and ending late Oct/early Nov. Session 3 is a summer session that runs for 3 months each year from November to February.

Both Session 1 and 2 are compulsory for students enrolled in mainstream session courses. Session 3 is usually optional. However, there are some courses where enrolment in Session 3 is also compulsory. See Session 3 course enrolment to check if your course has compulsory Session 3 enrolment.

Session nameCode
Session 130
Session 260
Session 390

Your course may have some subjects that are delivered in year-long periods, which combine the start and end dates of 2 or 3 standard sessions together into a single longer teaching period. Most year-long periods end in the year after they commenced, except for Year-long Period 1.

There are six year-long periods each year at Charles Sturt University, which can be identified by the ‘1’ or ‘2’ at the end of their teaching period codes, starting with Year-long Period 1 (202231).

Year-long Periods

Year-long nameCode (2022 onwards) Corresponding Sessions
Year-long Period 1 31 Sessions 1 & 2 (30/60)
Year-long Period 2 32 Sessions 1, 2 & 3 (30/60/90)
Year-long Period 3 61 Sessions 2 & 3 (60/90)
Year-long Period 4 62 Sessions 2, 3 & 1 (60/90/30)
Year-long Period 5 91 Sessions 3 & 1 (90/30)
Year-long Period 6 92 Sessions 3, 1 & 2 (90/30/60)

There are three terms every year at Charles Sturt, which can be identified by the ‘5’ at the end of their teaching period codes.. Students are encouraged to check the specific dates for each subject they enrol in that is delivered in a term, using Interact2.

Term Names

Terms named in chronological order, which is the same order as their codes:

  • Term 1 (15), Term 2 (45), Term 3 (75).
Term nameCode
Term 1 15
Term 2 45
Term 3 75

Micro sessions are shorter teaching periods that usually run for 8 weeks. There are six micro-sessions each year at Charles Sturt, which can be identified by the ‘4’ at the end of their teaching period code.

Micro-session nameCode
Micro Session 1 14
Micro Session 2 34
Micro Session 3 44
Micro Session 4 54
Micro Session 5 74
Micro Session 6 84

ADPP Periods are for Associate Degree in Police Practice subjects only. Detailed dates for ADPP students are available on the NSW Police Force website.

There are six ADPP Periods each year, which can be identified by the ‘3’ at the end of their teaching period codes.

ADPP Period nameCode
ADPP Period 1 13
ADPP Period 2 33
ADPP Period 3 43
ADPP Period 4 53
ADPP Period 5 73
ADPP Period 6 83

Teaching periods for partner institutions

If you're studying with one of our partners, you will need to visit their websites for teaching periods and information about start and end dates.