It's time to celebrate with family and friends and reflect on your achievements.

August and December 2021 ceremonies were postponed to allow all graduates the best opportunity to be able to travel and attend their ceremony. We hope to host ceremonies in the first half of 2022. We'll contact you via email by the end of January 2022 with an update.

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What should I wear?

Walk through the process of wearing your academic dress so you're prepared on the day.

Ceremony locations

Our graduation ceremonies are held across multiple campuses and study centres each year.

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Celebrate your achievements

Every year we are proud to celebrate with our graduating students.

Take the Charles Sturt charge:

As a graduate of Charles Sturt University, you are entrusted to;

  • work collaboratively with others for the benefit of your profession and community
  • use the knowledge and skills you have acquired to live well and add to the nation's common wealth and to the public good
  • remain connected to the university and your fellow graduates through the Charles Sturt University alumni network.

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Become an Alumni

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Transcripts and results

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Plan your next move

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