Am I eligible for Conferral (to graduate)

To confirm your eligibility for conferral, we use your total subject points to calculate whether you are studying in your final session or not. You can view how many subject points are required for your course in the University Handbook.

We start identifying students tracking for conferral after census date each session. During session we will check your record.

We will check that:

Don't worry. We will stay in touch and provide personalised information on your Student Portal to let you know exactly what to do to ensure you are eligible.

Common reasons you may be ineligible for conferral

If you haven't already completed your non-course compulsory subjects (Academic Integrity, Child Safety) or cleared any outstanding financial holds you will need to do this before you can be conferred with your award and to receive your documents.

If you receive a non-substantive grade in your final session this may delay when you are eligible for conferral. A non-substantive grade could be:

  • DX - you need to sit a deferred exam
  • AE - you need to sit an additional examination due to a marginal fail
  • AA - you need to submit an additional assessment due to a marginal fail.

The delay in a final grade being awarded might mean you miss an upcoming graduation ceremony, but you will still be able to attend a graduation ceremony later after you are eligible for conferral.

Other reasons you may be ineligible

If you don't successfully complete your final subjects you will be ineligible to graduate at the end of the session. For example, if you withdraw or fail you will have to reattempt the subject later to complete your course.

You will still be able to graduate after you have finished all the necessary subjects.

If your subject grade is displaying GP this means Grade Pending. Grade Pending normally means you have been granted an extension on an assessment or similar.

You may also have a GP if you haven’t completed your workplace learning, or your grades haven’t been finalised for your placement.

While your grade is pending you are ineligible to graduate.

If there’s a delay in your final grade being awarded, you may miss an upcoming graduation ceremony. However, once you graduate, you’ll receive your graduation documents, and you’ll still be able to attend a ceremony at a later date.

If your subject grade says TA this means To Be Assessed. In other words your result is not yet available. If you don't know why you have been awarded a TA you need to speak to your lecturer or course director to find out what has delayed your final grade.

FCR means Forward Credit. This grade is normally awarded when Charles Sturt is waiting for your results from another institution. This will be changed to a Transfer Credit (TCR) when we have all the information we need. Once it is changed to a TCR you are eligible to graduate.

If you need help with an FCR grade email our credit team.

What happens after confirmation of my eligibility?

After final grade release we will update your student record. If everything is in order, your student record will be marked completed. We will then notify you via email and in your Student Portal to confirm you are ready for conferral.

If you want to register your qualification with an industry-related board once your eligibility has been confirmed, follow the instructions for your specific career area:

Do I have to be confirmed eligible before purchasing graduation tickets?

During your last session, before final confirmation of your eligibility, we will send you an invite to your graduation ceremony. We ask you this early, so that we can start planning our graduation ceremonies.

If for any reason you are deemed ineligible after you purchase ceremony tickets, we will refund your tickets in full.

Am I eligible for a University Medal?

University Medals are awarded to eligible graduating students to recognise outstanding academic achievement. To be eligible for an undergraduate or postgraduate university medal your grade point average (GPA) must be 6.75 or higher. There are different requirements for higher levels of study.

The Charles Sturt Medal is also awarded annually to one coursework student from each faculty, and recognises both academic achievement and public service consistent with the university’s motto "for the public good".

To be eligible for a Charles Sturt Medal you must:

  • have been conferred or be eligible for conferral from an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework course in the current calendar year
  • have received or be eligible to receive a Bachelor, Postgraduate, or Bachelor (Honours) University medal in the current calendar year
  • demonstrate a significant commitment to the public good.

Read the medals and awards policy