When will I graduate?

August and December 2021 ceremonies were postponed to allow all graduates the best opportunity to be able to travel and attend their ceremony. We hope to host ceremonies in the first half of 2022. We'll contact you via email by the end of January 2022 with an update.

Ceremony dates Ceremony details
5 - 20 December 2022 December ceremony locations

Conferral date

Your conferral date is the date that you officially graduate from the university. This means that whether you celebrate by attending a graduation ceremony or not, you'll receive your documents shortly after you're conferred and be able to use these as proof of your qualification. A graduation ceremony is a celebration that you and your guests are invited to attend at a later date, to celebrate this incredible achievement. A listing of all eligible graduands is submitted to the Chancellor for conferral (graduation), conferral occurs each month from February to December each year.

The Chancellor, acting on behalf of the Council, approves the conferral of the awards on the approved list of graduands.

To be included in the listing of eligible graduands, you will first need to be identified as ready to graduate, have your enrolment assessed and approved as meeting all course requirements and have no outstanding grades or credit arrangements.

Always refer to your Student Portal for information specific to your enrolment.

Below are the relevant deadlines to be assessed and considered for conferral (graduation).


Identify as ready to graduate All grades and credit finalised Expected date of conferral
9 September 16 September 7 October
7 October 14 October 4 November
11 November 18 November 2 December


Identify as ready to graduate All grades and credit finalised Expected date of conferral
6 January 13 January 3 February
3 February 10 February 3 March
3 March 17 March 7 April
7 April 14 April 5 May
5 May 12 May 2 June
9 June 16 June 7 July
14 July 21 July 11 August
11 August 18 August 8 September
8 September 15 September 6 October
6 October 13 October 3 November
10 November 17 November 1 December

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