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Academic Development

The University provides extensive opportunities for academic staff to become more effective and scholarly in their teaching practice.

Learning and Teaching Professional Development at CSU

CSU academic staff are strongly supported in  professional development in learning and teaching with the aim of promoting good practice, innovation and scholarship in learning and teaching as well as curriculum development.

The Division of Learning and Teaching is one of the providers of staff professional development in learning and teaching to Faculties. The Division of Learning and Teaching have a team of academic staff and educational designers who are available for consultation with academic staff about any development needs and the development of teaching portfolios.

Opportunities for professional development in teaching include:

Teaching Support and Resources

Academic Development

Academic development is provided throughout the university to all academic staff. It promotes academic development, reward and recognition for teaching, peer review of educational practice, scholarship of teaching and learning, educational leadership development, and plays a key role in supporting the implementation of the CSU Indigenous Cultural Competency Program.

Educational Designers

A large team of Educational Designers work with academic staff in designing and developing quality learning resources (including e-resources) that are supported by relevant communications technology, in particular, CSUInteract. Educational Designers are also involved in the evaluation of learning and teaching, staff development for academics, and the application of technology in learning and teaching.

Good practice guides

Online resources about teaching strategies - this page includes links to a number of useful sites dealing with specific aspects of teaching and learning

Online journals and associations - this page includes links to a number of valuable online journals and relevant industry associations

Teaching portfolios- this resource provides guidance on developing a teaching portfolio to help gather valid, tangible sources of evidence.