Academic promotion

Promotion is an opportunity to be recognised for your work in teaching, learning, and research. It's an opportunity to reflect on your teaching and leadership in your discipline, school and faculty.

DLT supports the preparation of your promotion application, mainly through our peer review program.

Charles Sturt's promotion policies are designed to reward academic achievement, provide career progression and support academic quality. The promotion process is equitable, practical and culturally safe for Indigenous Australian applicants. It aspires to acknowledge the diverse experiences and circumstances of our academic staff, and to allow for this diversity in the assessment of applications.

Promotion processes are managed by the Division of People and Culture and supported by DLT.


Applicants prepare an application that is evidence-based. It describes their career activity and achievements in teaching,  research, professional engagement and academic citizenship. A 'peer review of teaching' report is required with each application if you engage in academic teaching activity.

The scope of academic teaching activity includes:

  • teaching subjects
  • designing/reviewing and developing subjects
  • designing/reviewing assessments across a subject.

A peer review can also include educational leadership of:

  • a course team
  • a discipline group
  • academic activities connected to teaching.


There are a range of learning and teaching activities that can form evidence in your application. These include:

  • the development of resources and programs
  • scholarly activity about teaching
  • collaborative work with colleagues to design and develop subject materials
  • team teaching
  • awards that recognise your academic teaching.

For advice and support for peer review, contact

Promotion application resources

Division of People and Culture: Forms, policies and guides for promotion

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