Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

The Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (GCLTHE) provides a strong foundation in contemporary teaching techniques for new and existing teaching staff at Charles Sturt University.

This formal qualification:

  • helps staff support student learning specifically in higher education
  • is aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and the Australian University Teaching Standards (Universities Australia).

The course structure recognises the diverse needs of staff for academic probation and continuing professional development.

Contact with any questions.


The benefits of this course are that:

  • you will receive study leave to complete it
  • it contains contemporary teaching techniques in higher education
  • it is recognised nationally and internationally.


This qualification is available to:

  • Charles Sturt teaching staff
  • staff teaching courses in our partner institutions such as the
    • NSW Police Force Academy,
    • Study Centres and the
    • Holmesglen Institute
  • staff from across Divisions who support student learning in other ways.


The course is fee-free for all Charles Sturt academics and staff who support student learning.


You can find course and enrolment information for new students on the Charles Sturt Study website. You can also apply for credit for previous study.

You can complete all subjects online.

See course information

Applying for exemption

If you can demonstrate equivalence via transcripts, certificates and a subject outline from a previous university, you may be exempt from the probation subject.

GCLTHE Exemption Form

Please see the Charles Sturt Credit Procedure for guidelines on the criteria for an exemption.

Probationary Requirements

Depending on your position, you may need to complete different subjects as part of your probation.

Staff in continuing positions or fixed term positions of three years or more

All commencing academic staff in continuing or fixed term positions of three years or more must undertake the first full year subject of this qualification to meet their probation requirements:

  • EEL522 Foundations of Learning & Teaching in Higher Education

This compulsory subject is a 16 credit point subject undertaken over two consecutive sessions within a year.

To complete the full qualification, the suggested pathway is to complete:

  • EEL521 Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
    and then
  • EEL 523 Enhancing the Skilful Higher Education Teacher.

However, as noted in the course information, you can complete some other eight credit point restrictive electives. If interested, please speak with the Course Director about the available optional electives.

The Academic Staff Probation Policy, Procedures and Guidelines have information about probation requirements, and your supervisor will be able to guide you.

Staff in fixed-term positions of more than one year but less than three years

Probationary requirements for these roles can differ and your direct manager will have further information; however, it is recommended that staff on contracts under three years complete the Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC and a Peer Review.

Further information can be found on the Teaching Academy induction and probation webpage or contact the team at

Staff from the School of Policing Studies (SOPS)

As part of academic probation, all commencing School of Policing Studies Academics must undertake the following:

Year one

  • EEL409 Developing as a Police Educator
  • EEL416 Learning and Teaching in a Policing Contexts

These subjects are consecutive with one being undertaken per session.

Year two

  • EEL521 Scholarly Teaching and Learning (Session 1)
  • EEL523 Enhancing the Skilful Higher Education Teacher (Session 2)

Students with prior qualifications are required to do the first year only.

How to apply

You must enrol in the complete course for your fees to be waived. Although we encourage academics to complete the full course, you can withdraw from the course after you have completed your probationary subjects if you choose.

As a full award course, admission follows the same process as all course enrolments at Charles Sturt. You will be a student of Charles Sturt, so you will also need to complete the Academic Integrity subject for students (in addition to the staff facing  Academic Integrity ELMO)

You must also complete the GCLTHE Application for Admission Supplementary Form.

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