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Professional Development Summary


Professional Development



Academic Integrity

Division of Learning & Teaching promotes academic integrity in the Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (GCLTHE), website resources and online and face to face workshops.

  • The Academic Integrity Policy and the definition of academic integrity
  • Designing assessment to improve academic integrity
  • Academic integrity impacts on teaching – applying the policy
  • Academic Integrity at CSU (Staff Only) self-enrol course administered through Division of Student Services

Assessment, Moderation and Benchmarking

Division of Learning & Teaching workshops cover writing assessments that align with Learning Outcomes and marking criteria, providing efficient and effective student feedback and the use of the Online Moderation System (OMS).

Developing Learning Outcomes within course content includes understanding what constitutes a good Learning Outcome and assuring assessment tasks align with them.

  • Writing assessment tasks in alignment with learning outcomes and marking criteria
  • Quality assurance for subject outlines
  • Writing criteria and standards
  • Using the Online Moderation System
  • Developing assessment tasks for diverse learners
  • Writing examination questions
  • Quality assurance of examination scripts
  • Writing good learning outcomes
  • During moderation: Fair, valid and consistent
  • Using an existing assessment to develop literacy and numeracy skills
  • Efficient paperless marking: NORFOLK for beginners
  • Assessment feedback, how why and where
  • Integrating literacy and content for more authentic assessment
  • Online Moderation System & the SAC report
  • Post-delivery moderation in the OMS
  • Monitoring student progress: Strategies for better learning outcomes
  • Using the national Peer Review Portal system

Awards, Grants and Fellowships

The Division of Learning & Teaching offers assistance in the application for HEA UK Fellowships, HERDSA Fellowships and Learning & Teaching Awards and Grants.

These awards and fellowships afford greater teaching recognition and evidence for promotion. Information sessions and hands-on workshops.

  • Career Pathways in CSU (Awards and Fellowships)
  • HEA (Higher Education Academy) UK Professional Standards Framework and Fellowships for teaching recognition
  • HERDSA Fellowships

Conferences in Learning & Teaching

The Division of Learning & Teaching hosts conferences and  promotes participation in discipline-specific academic conferences, presentation of keynote addresses and published conference papers.

These are important benchmarks as evidence of personal development for promotion, as outlined in the CSU Academic Framework.

CSUed Conference

The CSUed conference incorporates workshops which showcase integration of CSU Values into teaching practices, understanding Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) and improving student online and campus-based experiences.

  • 2018 CSUed Conference (TBC
    Caring Scholars Unite
  • Pre-Conference Events and Workshops (TBC)
    Applying for promotion
    Workplace Learning

    Sustainable Practices

Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (GCLTHE) Expert Workshops

The GCLTHE is a Division of Learning & Teaching academic program targeted at professional practice associated with learning and teaching in higher education.

The GCLTHE is offered to all CSU probationary academic staff and academic and professional staff currently engaged in learning and teaching in higher education and incorporates expert workshops related to course module topics.

  • Evidencing your teaching practices in an e-portfolio
  • Career planning for academic probation and promotion
  • HEA UK PSF and Fellowships for teaching recognition
  • Peer observation of teaching
  • Teaching with technology: The what, why and how of using educational technologies to support learning and teaching.
  • Course and Subject Design: an art, a process and a series of actions
  • Introduction to Workplace Learning
  • Criteria and standards workshop
  • Academic integrity and contract cheating
  • Write a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

Workshops for Course Directors, Course Review teams, Educational Designers: Introduction to the GLO; The importance of the GLO to student success (CourseSpace: Including GLOs into Integrated Standards and Products); Scaffolding the GLO;  Including the GLO in Subject Learning Outcomes, Assessment and Teaching Practices



Workshops for Subject Convenors, Course Review Teams and Educational Designers: Introducing the GLOs; The importance of the GLO to student success; Including the GLOs in Subject Learning Outcomes, Assessments and Teaching Practices; Exemplars of Assessments and Teaching Practices



Workshops for Teaching Academics, GLO Advocates and Educational Designers:  How to teach a particular GLO; Examples of teaching practices, benefits to students, how to interpret assessment, and base knowledge to discuss with students.

  • Introduction to the GLOs
  • ELLaN  and ALaN in course design
  • IRL & DL in course design
  • Ethics in course design
  • Professional Practice in course design
  • Lifelong Learning in course design
  • Indigenous Cultural Competence in course design
  • Global Citizenship in course design
  • Sustainable Practices in course design
  • Nurturing the narrative
  • Developing a whole of course narrative
  • ELLan, ALaN and your course review
  • Understanding the ELLaN Policy and the ALaN GLO
  • Build a better mousetrap
  • Keeping it real
  • Bringing the Change Agent GLOs to Life
  • Nurturing the narrative
  • Scaffolding big and small stories
  • Other topics offered by ALLaN Faculty Liaison, Library Advisor, Ethics, Professional Practice or Lifelong Learning advisors


  • Understanding the ELLaN Policy
  • What can ALaN do for you and your students?
  • Feedback-driven learning
  • It ain't rocket science!
  • Practising what you preach
  • Build a better mousetrap
  • Getting the Ethics GLO right
  • What if students set the learning outcomes?
  • Nurturing the narrative
  • Sharing big and small stories
  • Indigenous Cultural Competence hub
  • How to bring an international flavour to your subject
  • Global Citizenship hub
  • How to teach Sustainable Practices in your discipline
  • Sustainability GLO workshop
  • Sustainability hub

Indigenous Cultural Competency Program (ICCP)

Division of Learning & Teaching staff members assist in the integration of Indigenous Curriculum Content and provide ongoing support to ensure it conforms to Indigenous Australian Content in Courses Policy and CSU’s Indigenous Education Strategy.

  • Indigenous Education Strategy
  • Individual Online Cultural Competency Program
  • Teaching and learning environments as exemplary workplaces for innovation: Capability towards deliberate professionalism and Yindyamarra winhanganha

Learning Analytics

Workshops focus upon understanding and employing Learning Dashboard, Grade Centre, Smart Sparrow and Interact2 to improve learning and teaching outcomes. Also encompasses interpretation and analysis of Student Experience Survey results.

  • Learning dashboards as information visualisation
  • Up to scratch with Grade Centre
  • During session feedback: Formative surveys
  • Engagement and mark: Do subject site accesses matter?
  • Increasing SES Response Rates
  • SmartSparrow
  • Reflecting and effecting Subject Experience for academics and subject coordinators
  • Translating SES Results

Learning and Teaching Workshops

Division of Learning & Teaching workshops encompass such broad topics as student engagement, academic integrity and plagiarism, and Problem-Based Learning.

The workshops also address key CSU policies, CSU Values, and Graduate Learning Outcomes.

  • Teaching with technology: The what, why and how of using educational technologies to support learning and teaching
  • Academic integrity and contract cheating
  • Criteria and standards workshops
  • Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement
  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Conversations about course design
  • Simple strategies that support literacy and numeracy development
  • Making group collaboration work in higher education
  • CSU graduates: Building a world worth living in
  • Creating teacher presence using engaging videos
  • Introduction to PebblePad and ePortfolios
  • Rethinking and enabling employability development within curriculum
  • Contemporary approaches to university teaching MOOC

Peer Review of Educational Practice
Evidence for Promotion

Workshops cover peer observation of teaching and showcase the processes of participating in peer observation of teaching from key stakeholders’ perspectives. These form important foundations for Peer Review, and evidence of personal development for promotion.

  • Peer observation of teaching
  • Peer reviewer workshops
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Self-Paced Modules

Self-paced online modules hosted via the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA), which develop learning and teaching knowledge and skills.

  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (EEL521)
  • Learning to speak SoTL
  • Conceptualising a SoTL project
  • Designing and conducting a SoTL project
  • Writing up SoTL findings
  • Disseminating SoTL findings
  • Research methodologies to undertake SoTL
  • Writing grant applications
  • Writing for publication

Sessional Staff/Induction

Provision of workshops, for the benefit of new and sessional staff, which cover key introductory learning and teaching concepts and strategies, and the use of core CSU technologies such as Interact2 and Adobe Connect.

  • Subject outlines and subject sites
  • What can you do with Interact2?
  • Teacher presence and welcome page
  • Adobe Connect introduction
  • Peer learning and discussion boards
  • GLOs
  • Graduate success
  • End of session processes, special considerations
  • Understanding your cohort
  • Student Evaluation Survey
  • Engaging first year students (Transition Pedagogy)
  • Introducing CSU Replay Panopto
  • Understanding the ELLaN policy
  • APA referencing workshops for staff

Workplace Learning

Workshops explore avenues of furthering understanding of the purposes of workplace learning, and potential ways to operationalise these purposes in disciplinary or workplace contexts.

  • Introduction to Workplace Learning
  • Exploring the role of agency in online and workplace learning
  • 23 Things for Digital Knowledge
  • u!magine Events