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Blackboard AllY (Accessibility tool)

06 July 2022

From Monday 18 July, this tool will be made available on all the current subject site/s. Once switched on, there will be “Ally Indicators” (red, orange, light green, and dark green gauges) next to the subject files.

Check out our new page on Blackboard Ally. Blackboard Ally is an Interact2 tool, which provides a variety of ways to assist in making content more accessible to users.

There is also an introductory workshop on using Blackboard Ally on Thursday 21 July.

Check out our new page on Blackboard Ally

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Our recent graduands

09 June 2022

Please join us in congratulating our recent DLT graduands.

The following staff has completed our Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (GCLTHE):

  • Michelle Wilkinson, Senior Educational Designer
  • Melissa Jackman, Educational Designer
  • Leanne White, Educational Designer
  • Rachel Stewart Allen (currently on secondment with the Safe & Fair Communities Unit)

Emily Marsh, Senior Learning Resources Officer, has completed the Bachelor of Information Studies (Records and Archives Management)

Rachel, Leanne and Michelle Emily with daughter Melissa

This is an impressive achievement given this study was completed during a global pandemic that not only impacted our work but disrupted our lives in general. They have all worked hard to achieve this goal. Well done to these staff!

See information about the GCLTHE

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Subject Health checklist

21 June 2022

Is your subject site ready for 202260? The Subject Health checklist is a simple list of tasks you may need to do before your subject site becomes available on the 27th of June. The checklist also links resources to support setup (like the zoom and the discussion tool). Further support can be found in the Subject delivery guide or on the i2 help and support site.

Open the Subject Health checklist

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New TEQSA academic integrity resources

21 June 2022

TEQSA has provided some great resources supporting academic integrity:

  • in creative arts
  • as authentic learning
  • how to embed it in the curriculum

and more.

Download TEQSA's Academic integrity in the creative arts PDF or click on the link below for more information.

Check out TEQSA's academic integrity resources

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Interact2 – Turnitin Integration: 202260 Extended Pilot Group

22 June 2022

Following on from the three school pilot conducted in 202230,  access to the Turnitin integration in Blackboard is being increased to a larger, capped number of subjects for 202260. Supported by DLT and DIT, the use of Turnitin’s Feedback studio within Interact2 enables students and academics to complete the following workflows within a single interface:

  • Assessment submission and return
  • Grading and Feedback
  • Academic Integrity

The capped access will assist in gauging future support needs as the integration becomes more widely available in subsequent sessions.

Contact Lachlan Kalache for more information

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