How to subscribe

Use RSS to get the latest DLT news, straight to your app.

Simply add our feed ( to your RSS app.

If you use Outlook, you can add this feed so you'll still get news directly into Outlook, under a folder called 'RSS Feeds'. Our latest news will also then appear as Outlook search results, so you'll never miss an update again.

If you need help adding the DLT News RSS feed to Microsoft Outlook, please take a look at this Microsoft help page - Manually add an RSS feed to Outlook

For other email accounts

  • Gmail - follow these instructions How To Use Gmail As An RSS Reader
  • Windows 10 users without Outlook - search the Microsoft Store for RSS apps or check this one out Dark RSS Reader
  • Apple Mac users - search your Apple App Store for RSS apps - there are quite a few paid and free ones to choose from
  • Apple Mac users on macOS 10.12 or earlier - you can choose an App Store app or use Safari's built-in RSS reader
  • Mobile users - both Apple and Android - check out the RSS apps in your App Store