Learning outcome

Exhibit ethical decision making and reasoning to identify creative solutions to ethical problems.

Student Benefits

Ethics helps students frame, and reflect on, decisions. It is both a key component of professionalism and a fundamental requirement of good citizenship. When operating ethically, graduates are aware that we live in a diverse society with many competing points of view. It means being open-minded about the complex nature of our world.


Rights ethics is concerned with defining goodness in terms of freedom or entitlement. Utilitarianism is concerned with defining goodness in terms of what generates the greatest happiness for the greatest number. Virtue ethics is concerned with defining goodness in terms of deeply held character traits.

  • Develop skills of reflective practice.
  • Develop knowledge of ethical frameworks and identify and reflect on their own values and beliefs.
  • Reflect on ethical issues in a professional context in relation to ethical frameworks.
  • Apply ethical decision making in a professional context, make judgements and justify them.

Course Requirements

  • At least one assessment item including critical reflection on own ethical understanding in relation to the values intrinsic to the profession (using a variety of ethical approaches).
  • At least one assessment item including ethical judgement in a professional context, using ethical approaches to justify the judgement.

Teaching Practices

  • Generate a respectful and collaborative culture that values reflection and the perspectives of others.
  • Examples of teaching and learning activities that can be used to promote the development of ethical capabilities include: peer learning, role plays, small group learning, case studies, practical classes, scenarios, simulated activities, volunteering, community engagement, and guest. lecturers/tutors from the practice community.
  • Provide opportunities to reflect on learning activities and make personal meaning using ethical approaches.


Assessment of this GLO needs to be explicit and contextualised.