Instant Messaging (Microsoft Teams)

Microsoft Teams is an advanced tool that allows for collaboration and communication with both colleagues and students. Teams integrates the Microsoft 365 suite of tools into the one place to ensure a seamless experience for the user. This includes Word, Excel, OneNote and others.

Why use Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an application that allows for collaboration and communication with colleagues and students. It brings together the other Microsoft applications used in O365, such as Word, Excel and OneNote. Teams allows for scheduled meetings and ad-hoc meetings to be conducted as a video conference. There is also a chat feature that allows staff and students to chat to each other in real time using text and images. This can be one to one as well as with a group.

Teams allows for groups of people to have conversations and share files around topics, such as within subjects and courses. Channels allow for the grouping of topics for the conversations. Files can be shared and stored and can be worked on both synchronously and asynchronously. Teams allows for students to do group/team work easily.

Private channels allow for a group within a Team to have a private conversation or share private files. One example is for teaching staff to have a private channel within a subject team.

MS Teams is now available for all staff.

How to guide

See the guide from DIT.

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