Online meetings (Zoom)

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool that provides video and audio conferencing.

It is Charles Sturt's preferred video conferencing and Interactive Video Teaching (IVT) technology platform. Zoom can be used by both staff and students anywhere in the world to engage with their learning and one another as long as they are connected to the internet.

Zoom Basics

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Benefits for...

  • Students can set up their own account to connect with peers.
  • Zoom can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • Zoom can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Zoom Meetings can be booked through outlook (using the Zoom Outlook Plugin)
  • Using the Blackboard - Zoom LTI, Zoom Meetings can be created from within Interact 2 (Blackboard), allowing the scheduling of, access to and recordings of meetings easy for students.
  • Easily track meeting attendees via a number of reporting tools

Affordances and limitations

  • Create unlimited Zoom meetings with a staff account, with up to 300 users in each meeting (higher attendee numbers possible with a 'super user' account
  • Share content in multiple formats (image, text, video, audio, external device inputs) in your live meeting
  • A variety of audience engagement mechanisms available within the meetings (polls, reactions, chat, breakout rooms, annotation)
  • Classroom / audience management functions possible via both the 'Security' button and the 'Participant' panel
  • Recordings capture transcripts, audio tracks, speaker and gallery views, chat logs
  • Auto live transcription / captioning feature for increased accessibility
  • Potential automatic capture of audio / video content for access immediately to the desired audience
  • Students who don’t have ZOOM accounts can still join a ZOOM meeting as long as they have the invite.
  • ZOOM allows the sharing of screens, instant messaging via Chat feature, recording option and breakout rooms.
  • Allows for use of 3rd party tools within meetings (e.g. Mentimeter), using the Zoom App Marketplace
  • Staff log in possible with single sign-on, via the CSU Zoom Portal.
  • Zoom meetings can be scheduled in advance (specific dates or recurring) or launched directly from the Zoom desktop application or the CSU Zoom Portal.
  • Editing of Zoom recordings is particularly limited, only allowing staff to 'top and tail' their cloud-based recording for playback (the downloaded meeting recording will not retain these edits)
  • One user license = 1 active Zoom meeting. Staff wanting to set up multiple zoom meetings occurring at the same time (e.g. for students to use) will not be able to do so, as the primary host / meeting creator - their zoom license can only be used for one live meeting at a time. This may result in simultaneous meetings closing as the 'host is in another zoom meeting' message can appear.
  • Chat messages are only displayed once a person enters a meeting. Previous messages are not shared with new participants.
  • As a security feature, CSU Zoom meetings will have the ‘Waiting Room’ enabled. If you log into Zoom with your CSU login credentials, you will immediately pass through the waiting room and enter the active meeting, however if you log into Zoom as a 'Guest' (i.e having not logged into a CSU system beforehand) you will not be able to progress beyond the waiting room until a meeting host / co host admits you to the meeting.

Putting it in Practice Exemplars

How to guides

There are a range of resources available to both staff and students on the use of Zoom Meetings.



Zoom ( is available to staff and students. You must login via a single sign on (SSO) prompt.


Mobile device users

You are also able to join Zoom meetings, by downloading the Zoom App (free via your device App Store). You will need the meeting ID number to join via the app and connect via the SSO option (requires CSU username and password).

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