Video resources (CSU Replay/Panopto)

CSU Replay using the Panopto platform is the university's official lecture capture solution, allowing both teachers and students to create audio-visual learning and teaching resources for use within the Learning Management System (Interact 2).

CSU Replay folders are available to instructors in every subject site, meaning that video content created for subject delivery is easily accessible to students on demand.

Why use CSU Replay/Panopto

CSU Replay is an easy & effective way to create videos for use in your teaching activities or to upload videos you have created and want to share with your students. Panopto is the software that CSU Replay is using to provide recorded lectures.

Benefits for...

  • Students can access closed captions, pause and adjust playback speed
  • Videos can be embedded in i2
  • Students can create use the recording feature to create video responses for assignments

You can capture your lectures by creating content using equipment installed in teaching spaces

  • CSU Replay allows you to, record from your desk once you have downloaded and installed the software.
  • Enables you to upload pre-recorded material to the CSU Replay server
  • CSU Replay link in Interact2. Provides permissions to access the recordings based on enrolments in the Interact2 site.
  • You can reuse recordings across sessions and cohorts
  • The recording is easily embedded in the Interact2.

How to guides

There are a considerable number of support resources available for CSU Replay users:

Support with...