Induction and probation

Probationary requirements

All new teachers at Charles Sturt need to complete the following.

Getting started at Charles Sturt

There's a range of activities you can do to make sure you hit the ground running. Here are three optional steps to get you started.

Step 1. Get familiar with popular resources

Step 2. Complete Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching

Charles Sturt provides access to the self-paced Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC for new and sessional teachers. This teaching induction course provides key introductory learning and teaching concepts and strategies for those who are in their first few years of university teaching. The self-paced course comprises 11 expert-developed modules, plus specialty modules and resources.

When a new session starts, we will list it under our workshops and recordings.

To find out more about this MOOC please email Deborah Scheele.

Email Deborah

Ways to further develop your teaching

You can continue to develop your teaching in several ways. Here are some ways to support you and Charles Sturt to continue enhancing teaching to provide quality student learning and a rewarding teaching career.