Online journals

Journals are a source of ideas, information and inspiration through the research they report. Submitting your own writing to journals allows you to share your own experiences and investigations.

Journals for your discipline

You will be familiar with journals in your discipline area. Some are practice based, others are focused on research and the creation of new knowledge. Your discipline colleagues will guide you to the best journals for you to consider submitting your writing.

The library can also provide you with a comprehensive list of journals in various disciplines.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning journals

There are a number of journals focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning, as well as on the higher education sector. These can be helpful for your teaching and for your scholarly activity.

You may want to start with these ones:

Writing for Publication in Teaching and Learning Journals

The best way to choose which journal you will prepare a submission for is to read through a number of issues, and consider:

  • the styles of writing
  • the language and common terms
  • the themes and approaches that are evident over a number of issues.

This also helps you become familiar with the people who publish in the area, and to see if your idea is aligned with the general themes, or different.

Journal requirements

Journals have requirements for publishing such as length, format and text style. This is explained in their sites. It is important to follow these directions when you submit.

What you should submit

One of the best ways to build your sense of what is needed is to talk with colleagues from your school/discipline and from different areas. This will give you an idea of whether your idea is something others are interested in, and whether it is a new approach or already in print.

You may want to consider a Community of Practice to explore thinking. Writing together about teaching and learning generates great ideas!

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