Week minus 2

14 days before session starts your I2 sites will be visible to enrolled students and subject outline's must be published.

Disclaimer: subject preparation processes within and across Faculties/Schools can vary; the below pages are to be used as a guide only. In the first instance, refer to directives from Faculty and your School especially in relation to due dates.

Task 1

Welcome message (regardless of mode)

  • Send an Announcement to all students providing;
    • An overview of the subject.
    • Your 'office hours'.
    • Best contact method and expected response time.
    • Include information specific to your subject such as intensive (residential) schools compulsory classes or work placements.
    • Keep it short, focused and welcoming.
Task 2

Set up assessments

  • Set up assessment tools such as Blogs, Journals, Discussion Forums or Tests after Subject Outline is published.
  • Tests that have been exported will be found in ‘Course Tools’ ‘Tests surveys and pools’ They will need to be deployed.
  • Check test settings and deploy.
  • Consider asking Academic Skills to deconstruct an assessment exemplar

Set up assessment resources

  • Include assessment exemplars and resources in Assessment tabs.
  • Prepare or review marking guide.
  • Set up Turnitin assignment portals in I2

I2 Help

Task 3

Review Grade Centre set up

  • Confirm Grade Centre totals. Check each columns grade is correct and the cumulative totals 100.
  • Ensure there is one column for each task and columns are named clearly.
  • Reorder columns if necessary.
  • Hide columns if required.
  • Make sure you are aware of school and faculty teaching policies and procedures.

Grade Centre help

For support with your subject, please log a DLT service request.