Week minus 3

Each session you are required to check the subject site to ensure it is set up correctly and all resources are displaying correctly for students.

Disclaimer: subject preparation processes within and across Faculties/Schools can vary; the below pages are to be used as a guide only. In the first instance, refer to directives from Faculty and your School especially in relation to due dates.

Task 1

Merge subject sites

If you're not merging your I2 subject sites, skip this task.

The Merge functionality allows cohorts from other subject sites to be merged with the cohort of a Parent site. It is then possible to work in one site instead of having to manage student interactions and grading across multiple sites.

Before you merge

  • All Subject Outlines must be published. This may require you to set the Subject Outline Publication date.
  • Grade centre columns need to be identical for the merge to occur

Post merge

Merging Cohorts

Workshop recording: Creating Smart Views in I2 for child sites (within a merged site)

Task 2

Interact2: view using student preview

  • Check appearance, links, embedded videos and subject navigation using Student Preview.
  • Consider using different devices if possible or ensure screen size adjusts
  • Request early opening of the Interact2  (if required).
  • Make content unavailable to students if you are still working on it.
  • Hide any unused navigation items
Task 3

Run an accessibility report

Run an Accessibility report

Your subject now includes red, orange, light green, and dark green gauges next to your subject files. These are “Ally Indicators” and they let you know the accessibility of the file. The indicators are only visible to instructors in the subject. Simply select the indicator to read detailed feedback about what the accessibility issues are with the file, why they matter, and how to fix them. A quick and easy way to see all issues on your site is to run an Accessibility Report (located under subject tools).

Blackboard Ally (accessibility tool)

Task 4

Subject Health Checklist

Use the Subject Health Checklist [PDF] to decide if your subject site is ready for start of session.

Task 5

Plan student engagement

Create an introductory activity to orient the student to the subject, any technology students will be required to use or as a ‘get to know you’ for the students.

Consider how you will engage with your students during the session using the tools such as announcements, discussion board or i2 email or online meetings.  Use the Online Teaching Plan to plan your session engagement.

Workshop recording: i2 Tools special

Task 6

Timetable: open for student allocations

You may need to assist in resolving any Timetable clashes or issues with the capacity of classes.

Students can now:

  • allocate into their preferred classes
  • and submit a clash form if they have a clash with 2 core subjects.

Questions to Student Central in the first instance, but you may be contacted if more detailed course/subject information is required.

For support with your subject, please log a DLT service request.