Week minus 5

This week QA officers should complete the QA process for any available outlines.

Disclaimer: subject preparation processes within and across Faculties/Schools can vary; the below pages are to be used as a guide only. In the first instance, refer to directives from Faculty and your School especially in relation to due dates.

Task 1

Subject Outline: Quality Assurance and consistency process

Three options are available to the QA officer;

  1. Submit for publication – Subject Outline is approved and requires no updates.
  2. Submit for revision – adjustments required and return to QA officer.
  3. Resubmit for QA – pre approval QA, allows for submission of Subject Outline for publication once the updates have been made.
Task 2

Subject Outline: authors review feedback and complete updates as required.

Once approved the Subject Outline awaits publishing two weeks before the start of the session.

Use the Set Publication Date (Date Picker) to select your preferred publication date if you require your outline to be available earlier.

Task 3

Timetable: allocate or set up restrictions for students using MyTimetable

MyTimetable generally opens for academic staff to allocate students this week or next week.

For exact dates, watch out for an email or ‘What’s New’ message advising that it's available.

Visit the Timetable website to;

  • view
  • request a change (changes will need HOS or AHOS approval).
  • or get help.

All timetable stages

Task 4

Timetable: open for students to view

You may need to assist to resolve any Timetable clashes.

Students can now;

  • view their timetable
  • plan for class allocations
  • and submit a clash form if they have a clash with 2 core subjects.

Questions will go to Student Central in the first instance, but you may be contacted if more detailed course/subject information is required.

QA Declaration Support is available.

For support with your subject, please log a DLT service request.