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Set Publication Date

From late 2019, Authors have the ability to set the date that Version 1 of the Outline should be published. This date must align with the date that is scheduled for the Interact2 (i2) site to open to students.

The risk of publishing an Outline prior to the i2 site opening is that if edits are made, the variation workflow is triggered and students will see Version 2 (or greater) on first viewing the Outline. Delaying publication causes QA approved Outlines to remain in a status of Awaiting Publication until the set publication date so any updates can be made; thereby ensuring that students see Version 1 when the i2 site opens.

To reiterate, once an Outline is published the Subject Outline Policy requires variations to be quality assured by your Head of School (unless QA exemption applies); the Outline version number will increment; and i2 will trigger an announcement regarding the new version regardless of whether the site is open.

Setting a Publication Date

By default, an Outline’s publication date is set to two (2) weeks prior to session start which is the standard timeline for opening i2 subject sites to students; and the due date for Outline publication. The date picker will not allow you to select to publish your Outline later than the due date (or earlier than the current date).

If you cloned from an Outline for the same session, its publication date will have also cloned to your Outline.

If you are making your i2 site available to students earlier than the standard two (2) weeks prior to session, select the date that you have scheduled for the i2 site to open.

Authors can change the publication date up until midnight on the day prior to publication. Publication will occur soon after 00:00:00AM on the set date. Authors do not have to initiate an update to simply change the publication date.

The Set Publication Date function will not be available once Version 1 is published. Outlines that are varied will re-publish within five (5) minutes of being submitted for publication.

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