Week 6

Consider using a variety of methods to provide timely individual assessment feedback.

Disclaimer: subject preparation processes within and across Faculties/Schools can vary; the below pages are to be used as a guide only. In the first instance, refer to directives from Faculty and your School especially in relation to due dates.

Task 1

Provide general and individual feedback

  • Explore Norfolk options to provide written, audio and video files to students.  Created you own banks of frequently used comments.
  • NORFOLK includes a bank of writing and referencing feedback comments. LLN Feedback Grid available from self-enrol org site.
  • Consider CSU Replay for video feedback.
  • Provide general class feedback once all submissions are returned or within three weeks of the due date, to guide students on the elements of better submissions or areas for improvement.
  • Explore Feedback at Charles Sturt
Task 2

Provide Academic Skills support information as part of the feedback

  • Support available with the fundamentals of studying via their Student Portal
  • Advise students that self-paced learning, interactive workshops, study guides and videos, and one-on-one appointments are available.
  • Encourage them to submit their draft for assessment feedback on the ways to improve the writing.
Task 3

Moderation can commence

At Charles Sturt we have a process to ensure our assessment practices are valid, reliable, fair and consistent.

  • Begin the QUASAR moderation and grades form
For support with your subject, please log a DLT service request.