Advancing Education: Work Integrated Learning, Authentic Assessment, and Knowledge Exchange Networks

Register for the Advancing Education: Integrating Workplace Learning, Assessment, and Research Roadshow.

Hosted by the School of Policing Studies, this roadshow will dive into three main themes:

1️⃣ Integrated Learning - Led by Professor Julian Parker-McLeod, discover how we're bridging the gap between academia and industry.

2️⃣ Developing Authentic Assessment - Dr Louise Skilling will guide us through innovative assessment methods that enhance student engagement and success.

3️⃣ Research and the Knowledge Exchange Networks - Dr Duane Aslett, Nigel Donohue, and our teacher/researchers  developing a knowledge exchange network.


If you can't make the workshop you can watch a past recording.

This workshop was recorded on: 29 May 2022

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