Innovative Assessment 2: Assessment for Excellence

Closing the feedback loop: who, what, when and how

Feedback is arguably the most important component of an instructional process. Without effective feedback, students are limited in their capacity to make accurate judgements about the quality of their work, and in their ability to change their future performance. However, despite a substantial body of literature aimed at improving practice, feedback remains a frequent source of dissatisfaction for both students and educators. In this seminar Michael will challenge traditional conceptions of feedback and offer a learner-centred definition and framework. He will then report on a decade of research around a simple and relatively quick strategy of replacing the usual text-based comments, with audio, video or screencast recordings. Students consistently report a reduction in ambiguity, increased motivation, reflection and future strategizing, as well as improved student satisfaction and stronger relationships with their teacher. However, digital feedback is not a panacea. This session will discuss a recommended structure, technology, process and key principles for content delivery.

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  • Portrait of Professor Michael Henderson

    Professor Michael Henderson

    Professor of Digital Futures, and Director of Education Innovation and Design

    Michael is Professor of Digital Futures, and Director of Education Innovation and Design in the Faculty of Education at Monash University. His research spans early childhood, schools, universities and professional learning contexts. Michael has a continuing interest in all technology enabled teaching, learning and assessment designs. In particular, his research in assessment feedback over the last 7 years has broken new ground in shaping how we understand feedback impact, and the specific designs we might employ to enable learners.


If you missed this session, you can watch a recording of it here

This workshop was recorded on: 22 June 2022

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