Reimagining Learning & Teaching in an Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence Event

This event will extend the institutional conversation around generative AI in learning and teaching, highlight the opportunities, and showcase good practice.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Danny Liu, The University of Sydney

Reimagining assessment, learning feedback in an age of GenAI: a call to action

Adam Balawant (CEO & Co-Founder of trAInify)

Reflections on collaborating with an Australia regional university on GenAI staff development.

Dr Matthew Wysel, Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business and Law, University of New England

Frenemies - Unleashing the Power of GenAI in Assessments

Dr Mark Bassett - Director, Academic Quality and Standards, Charles Sturt University

The reality of LLMs - Myths and Misunderstandings

Carlo Iacono – Executive Director, Library Services, Charles Sturt University

Navigating the AI Landscape: Challenges, Breakthroughs, and Responsible Practices

Dr Immaculate Motsi - Senior Research Fellow, Responsible AI Lead, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Futures Institute, Charles Sturt University

Responsible use of GenAI in Learning and Teaching

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If you can't make the workshop you can watch a past recording.

This workshop was recorded on: 4 June 2024

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