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SunRice is committed to "innovation, initiative and operating excellence [to] develop great tasting and nutritious foods that excite and satisfy consumers all over the world". Health and allergen consumer trends area is creating new opportunities for rice ingredients. Rice bran has attractive nutritional and functional properties. SunRice's collaboration with the Charles Sturt FGC projects seeks to establish the scientific basis for greater use of rice bran as an ingredient.

Woods Grain

Woods Grain aims to be the "Number one processor of pulses in Australia and to be recognised internationally as supplying the highest quality pulses and pulse products". Woods Grain recognise that innovation is the key to achieving these goals and is strongly supportive of projects that add value to pulses.

MSM Milling

MSM Milling is "proud to be a regionally based Australian owned company" with a vision "to be the best supplier of healthy and sustainable Australian oilseed products to customers in Australia and overseas." This Centre aligns with MSM Milling's sense of regionally as well as its commitment to innovation and product development and delivery through projects on canola quality.


GrainGrowers Ltd is committed to "Develop, deliver and promote value creating and effective capacity building events and training; and develop, deliver and promote value creating grains industry products and services". The training of 3 PDF and 10 HDR candidates represents a significant new capacity building initiative for this partner organisation; and the projects proposed here are all about "value creating grains industry products".


NSWDPI "develop and sustain diverse, profitable food and fibre industries" and already invest in all three crops being considered in this centre.

Teys Cargill

Teys Cargill Joint Venture is one of Australia's leading meat processors and has an interest in differentiating its product in the market through superior quality. Developing new knowledge in optimal feed ratios is one way this company can add value to its product.

Flavour Makers

Flavour Makers is a market leader in the development of novel, health based products. It has a strong interest in the development of pulse based products as evidenced by the recently released chickpea based products in Coles made with chickpea flour supplied by Woods Grains. Flavour Makers will drive the development of new healthy products and provide new markets for pulse processors.