Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University


Operating Theatres

The Centre includes a modern surgical facility with sophisticated equipment and instrumentation that will enable surgeons to perform a wide range of procedures on horses and other large animals.

Diagnostic Imaging

Powerful computer-based imaging equipment enables clinicians to:

  • Automatically link all diagnostic images to the medical records (PACS)
  • Transmit images directly to other specialists around Australia and the world
  • Incorporate computed tomography (CT) and scintigraphy in future developments


Video-endoscopy allows the veterinarians to:

  • Explore and treat previously inaccessible internal organs
  • Evaluate performance-limiting problems in horses on a high-speed treadmill
  • Operate using delicate telescopes and specialised instruments

Reproduction services

Our specialist Veterinarians are able to:

  • Investigate male and female infertility problems
  • Provide artificial breeding services
  • Use advanced computer assisted semen evaluation tools

Centre opening

See the photos of when the Veterinary Clinical Centre opened it's doors.