Our reproduction (theriogenology) services include:


  • Breeding management for natural service; artificial insemination with fresh, fresh-chilled and frozen semen
  • Breeding soundness evaluation in male and female; subfertility/infertility investigation
  • Manipulation of oestrous cycle – transition management, induction of oestrus/ovulation, oestrus synchronisation, oestrus suppression
  • Management of twins (twin reduction) and high-risk pregnancy
  • Semen - collection and analysis, longevity tests, processing for chilled shipment, freezing, long term storage of frozen semen
  • Diagnostics – transrectal and transabdominal ultrasound, uterine diagnostics (cytology, swab for culture and sensitivity, biopsy), endocrine (hormonal) tests, vaginoscopy, hysteroscopy
  • Epididymal sperm harvest and freezing
  • Management of dystocia; evaluation of postpartum mare
  • Embryo transfer – embryo flushing, processing for shipment / transfer into recipients


  • Staging cycle for artificial insemination (AI) with fresh, chilled, or frozen semen
  • Transcervical insemination (TCI); routine vaginal AI
  • Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis
  • Semen collection and analysis; chilling / freezing
  • Male and female infertility workup
  • Management of high risk pregnancies
  • Endocrine (hormonal) diagnostic tests